Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

JAINCO has strong commitment towards quality assurance of its products & services. This is ensured through quality of input materials, manufacturing & quality control set-up, qualified personnel and strict adherence to national & international standards. Quality Assurance Department of Jainco follows their Standard Manufacturing Quality Plan (SMQP) developed in general as well as tailor made to cater to the specific quality requirements of various customers. For instance, the SMQP for Transmission Line Hardware fittings & Accessories upto 400kV has been approved by Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd.

The respective Quality Heads reports directly to the Director without involving the production / other functional heads.

JAINCO has well equipped in–house testing laboratory which is capable to conduct all necessary tests on its entire range of products. The incoming raw materials inspection, in-process inspection and acceptance test / joint inspection prior to dispatch of materials are carried out in-house by Jainco’s team of qualified engineers on a regular basis. Even majority of the design / type tests are also carried out in-house duly witnessed by officials from the electricity boards, utilities and consultants for India & abroad. Some of the salient test equipments / set ups of Jainco are:

  • 1500 kN (Digital & Computerized) Horizontal UTM Upto 1200 kV Product Ranges
  •  750 kN (Digital) Horizontal UTM Upto 400 kV Product Ranges
  • 200 kN (Digital) Horizontal UTM Upto 220 kV Product Ranges
  • 1000 kN (Analog) Vertical UTM Upto  765 kV Product Ranges
  • 100 kN (Analog) Vertical UTM Upto 1200 kV Accessories Product Ranges
  • Proof Load Test Set Up Upto 1200 kV Product Ranges
  • NDT or Crack Detection Test Setup

a) Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
b) Dye Penetration Test (DP)

  • Computerized Emission Spectrometer for Chemical Analysis
  • Microscope with Computerized image Analyzer for Metallurgical Test
  • 40 Meters (Single/Twin/Tripple/Quad/Hex/Octagonal Conductors) Test Span Upto 1200 kV Product Ranges

a) Vibration Test of Hardware Fittings with Insulators
b) Fatigue/Efficiency Test of Vibration Damper/Spacer Damper/Flexible Spacer

  • 40 Meters (OPGW ) Test Span Upto 48 Fibers OPGW Product Ranges

a) Vibration Test of Hardware Fittings
b) Fatigue/Efficiency Test of Vibration Damper

  • Computerized Dynamic Characteristics Set-Up of Vibration Damper/Spacer Damper with Modern Software Base Electro Dynamic Shaker System
  • Computerized Vibration Analysis Set-Up of Vibration Damper with Modern Software Base Electro Dynamic Shaker
  • Computerized Resonance Frequency Set-Up of Vibration Damper with Modern Software Base Electro Dynamic Shaker & Digital Resonance Counter
  • Magnetic Power Loss, Temperature Rise & Heating Cycle Test Set Up (7500 VA) upto 1200 kV Product Range as per IS/BS/IEC/ASTM
  • Electrical Resistance / Conductivity Test Set Up ( Amp) upto 1200 kV Product Range as per IS/BS/IEC/ASTM

a) Through Contact Resistance Meter CRM-100
b) Digital Micro Ohm Meter

  • Tensile and Compressive load test set up for Rigid Spacer/Spacer Dampers/Flexible Spacer
  • Digital Elcometer for instant measurement of Hot Dip Galvanizing/Electro Plating Coating Thickness
  • Shore A, Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Tester for Hardness Checking
  • Timer for Short Time Current test.
  • Various Tests & Measuring Equipments and Gauges

All the above testing equipments are maintained with regular calibrations by qualified NABL Accredited agencies to ensure their effectiveness and accuracy.

JAINCO’s quality assurance program includes development of strong sense of quality to its suppliers and vendors. Accordingly their quality is regularly monitored by Jainco by means of visit to their premises, approving their quality plan and reviewing their test reports for each batch / heat.

JAINCO’s products are regularly tested at independent third party laboratories with repute and with NABL accreditation – this includes STL labs like the Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bengaluru & Hyderabad, ERDA, Baroda, NSIC Technical Services Lab, Howrah and many others.

Due to consistent and reliable quality of Jainco’s products, the customer satisfaction level is enviably high – which is resulting into repeat orders & encouraging feedbacks from prestigious clients – both domestic as well as overseas.